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CFP power diodes

Ongoing growth in clip-bonded FlatPower (CFP) manufacturing capacity and portfolio serves increasing demand from modern automotive and industrial applications

Nexperia announces the latest additions to its portfolio of Clip-bonded FlatPower (CFP) packaged diodes for industrial and automotive applications. The latest additions include 32 planar Schottky diodes and eight hyperfast recovery rectifiers housed in the CFP15B package. They are available as standard and Q-types that meet AEC-Q101 automotive qualification standards..

The operating range for these new planar Schottky diodes is between 30-100V and 3-15A. Versions optimised for low forward voltage (VF) (including the PMEG100V080ELPE/-Q) deliver low conduction losses and high efficiency for cost-efficient DC-DC converters and in reverse polarity protection applications. These diodes are also available in low leakage variants with ultra-low reverse current and best-in-class operating temperature capability, providing exceptional robustness against thermal runaway. The eight 200 V single-type recovery rectifier devices (PNE200xxEPE/-Q series) have an average forward current (IF) between 4-10A and complement existing dual type recovery rectifiers also available from Nexperia.

Using the smaller, high-power density CFP15B instead of DPAK or SMB/C packages can save up to 60% of board space, while maintaining the same level of electrical performance. This rugged package design enables longer operating times and better board-level reliability. Its optimised lead form ensures uniform solder joints for improved automated optical inspection (AOI). A solution that particularly benefits modern ADAS, EV, LED lighting or ECU applications relying on advanced high-density designs.

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