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Configurator increases control and speed of specification for industrial enclosures

Industrial enclosures need to be rugged, but they also have to be flexible enough to create the right design for the application’s requirements. Chris Lloyd reports

It’s vital that industrial enclosures are sufficiently robust to protect the often sensitive components secured within; which are typically electrical in nature. Industrial and outdoor environments present arduous conditions, from the potential for a high degree of ingress and fluctuations in temperature, to the challenges of varying weather or possibility of impact.

Spelsberg’s GEOS industrial enclosure is made for the task and is sufficiently durable for a wide range of environments and applications. As a result, there’s an array of potential uses, each requiring their own specification and options.

While Spelsberg’s engineers are always available to talk customers through a specification, we still wanted to offer the customer the tools that would enable them to specify their own enclosure quickly. The GEOS enclosure configurator is aimed at specifiers and designers who know what they are looking for in an enclosure and want to find the best match quickly.

The first stage of the configurator, available on the Spelsberg website, includes selection of either enclosure or cabinet, followed by dimensions. The configurator then allows you to select all available accessory types, from hinge doors, to partition walls to mounting plates.

To check the design, the configurator also provides a 360-degree view with zoom across three dimensions.

The configurator will also price the enclosure and accessories for the order to then be sent directly to Spelsberg.

The configurator also features an optional configuration assistant which takes the user through steps to ensure that all possible considerations of design, from door opening to condensation, have been covered. This means that the customer, whatever their level of experience, can use the configurator to control their design.

The configurator is the same tool as that used by Spelsberg’s engineers on a daily basis to design the layout of GEOS enclosures.

The GEOS enclosures themselves are constructed from high strength polycarbonate to ensure durability. This means that GEOS has an IK09 impact rating – one of the highest industrial ratings available – and offers up to IP67 ingress protection.

Should further customisation of the enclosure or cabinet be required, such as additional holes for cable entry, Spelsberg UK can carry out precision CNC machining. The on-site CNC machining service ensures that Spelsberg provides accountability through customisation and reduces the time and cost of contracting a third-party machinist.

Chris Lloyd is Managing Director Spelsberg UK.

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