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Heat sinks from extruded aluminium profiles

Standard and custom profile heat sinks from CTX

Extruded profile heat sinks from CTX are high-performance heat sinks. The potential applications are as diverse as the design options.

Classic profile heat sinks use natural convection to cool electronic components in order to ensure the long-term reliable operation of electronic devices. Since they contain no moving parts they are absolutely maintenance-free. The extrusion process also allows the implementation of individual heat sink geometries – from simple to complex.

The material typically used for extruded heat sinks is an aluminium extruded alloy with thermal conductivity of 180W/mK. In some cases, high-grade aluminium or high-grade copper is used. The tool costs for the manufacture of an application-specific die that defines the geometry of the profile heat sink are quite low compared to other production processes. There is, however, a process-related minimum profile length, which makes aluminium profile heat sinks suitable primarily for series production.

The spectrum of standard extruded heat sinks includes fin, comb and finger heat sinks, as well as mini heat sinks. Standard profile heat sinks range from 12.4 mm to 750 mm in width, with a weight between 130 g/m and 75.1 kg/m and thermal resistance Rth between 81.6°C/W and 0.04°C/W.

CTX also implements project- and application-specific cooling solutions.

On request, CTX will perform post-CNC machining according to drawings, as well as professional surface finishing of profile heat sinks in the form of painting, chrome plating, anodizing or powder coating. Options such as labeling by means of screen printing or laser engraving, as well surface treatment by means of sand blasting or glass bead blasting, are likewise available.

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