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3D PrintPRO HT is suitable for closed-loop continuous operation, delivering a maximum airflow rate of up to 100 m³h to filter particulate during the print process

High-temperature 3D print filtration technology

BOFA’s 3D PrintPRO HT is focused on 230V markets and filters high-temperature particulate, gases and nanoparticles emitted during the processing of polymers in print chambers. It operates at up to 100°C, enabling manufacturers to work high-performance functional materials, while protecting the print head and working environment from airborne contaminants. It is particularly suited to fused deposition modelling, stereolithography and digital light processing.

This performance is achieved through the application of advanced electronics, thermal insulation, a highly insulated connection kit, smart airflow management, and an advanced filtration architecture – ensuring energy efficient, low heat loss emissions extraction in higher temperature chamber environments.

BOFA’s modular design approach makes the 3D PrintPRO HT suitable for closed-loop continuous operation, delivering a maximum airflow rate of up to 100m³h to filter particulate during the print process. There’s also an open-loop intermittent operation (purge cycle) at a fixed airflow of 30m³h, which filters both particulate and gases. Both demands can be met via a pairing kit. The technology also features filter exchange indicators and incorporates filter status communication to the host machine.

Arran Morgan, Senior Product Manager at BOFA commented: “This latest generation of our 3D PrintPRO HT system demonstrates how BOFA is reflecting a constantly evolving additive manufacturing marketplace. It means that manufacturers are able to benefit from working high-performance polymers that require elevated chamber temperatures, while helping safeguard both the workplace atmosphere and their investment in expensive equipment through portable extraction.”

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