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Job security and flexibility increasingly important to engineering professionals during pandemic

A new study from the UK independent job board,  CV-Library, shows that salary (83.1%), location (61%) and job security (30.5%) are the most important factors that engineering professionals are looking for in a new job right now. 

The study surveyed 1,100 professionals and asked them which of the following factors did they value the most when considering a new job. It reveals that flexible working is also important to engineering professionals. The full list includes: 

1. Salary – 83.1%    

2. Location – 61%    

3. Job security – 30.5%    

4. Development opportunities – 27.1%    

5. Flexible working hours – 25.4%    

6. Job title – 15.3%    

7. Ability to work from home – 10.2%    

8. Benefits package – 10.2%    

9. The company’s culture – 8.5%    

 10. The company’s brand – 5.2%    

Interestingly, professionals in the industry appear more concerned about job security than the average British (30.5% amongst engineering professionals vs 27.7% overall). 

The same can be seen for salary, where 83.1% of engineering professionals said it was most important, compared to 73.8% of Brits overall. 

Lee Biggins, founder and CEO of  CV-Library, comments: “Everyone has their own agenda when it comes to work or looking for a new job, but it’s interesting to see what professionals are finding the most important right now.

“Especially as more people are recognising the importance of job security the pandemic. The fact that the figures shift quite significantly in the industry is something employers should pay attention to, especially when it comes to attracting, recruiting and retaining top talent.” 

The findings reveal that the industries where professionals are most concerned with job security include property (50%), public sector (37%), manufacturing (36.1%), construction (31.6%), administration (32.8%), engineering (30.5%), education (21.7%), social care (21.2%), hospitality (20.7%) and finance (17.8%). 

Biggins continues: “Although the market is shifting and there’s less pressure on employers to target passive candidates, it’s still important to understand what professionals want from their next role. These sorts of factor should absolutely be mentioned in your job adverts to make them as appealing as possible and to encourage the right people to apply.”  

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