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MILEX 19-in rugged rackmount cases

NATO approved and designed to meet the rigid requirements of U.S. MIL specifications

Foremost Electronics, the UK specialist source for E-Mech products and solutions, can now supply MILEX 19-in rackmount cases from the  market leading rugged aluminium transit case manufacturer DESAPRO. Foremost has wide experience of providing enclosure solutions for harsh applications in defence, rail, industrial and more.

MILEX cases are water and dust proof transit case for 19-in electronic equipment that include extensive shock and vibration absorption features. MILEX transit cases are NATO approved and designed to meet the rigid requirements of U.S. MIL specifications in addition to most international specification requirements.

MILEX cases are designed and manufactured to meet the specific requirements of environmental protection required by the equipment being contained and transported. The dimensions of a MILEX case are determined by the size of the equipment to be contained. The precise positioning of the DESAPRO shock mounts ensures the space between the inner chassis and outer shell is minimised while providing the best possible shock and vibration protection properties.

Potential damage from various sources which occur during transport, storage or operations can have adverse effects on equipment, these problems can be mitigated by using DESAPRO MILEX cases. Examples include:

Extreme temperatures in tropical or arctic regions

Temperature shock in airborne situations.

High humidity in tropical regions

Aggressive atmospheric conditions such as salt fog at sea

Sand and wind in deserts or industrial settings

Water damage by rain or transport by sea

Sun radiation (UV rays)

Rain, snow, hail

MILEX cases also offer protection against electrical stress from direct or random high frequency interference such as jamming transition, switching operations, electromagnetic interference (EMI) and RFI. As well as protection against internally produced stress from dissipated heat, high voltage components and radio frequency radiation.

Standard features of MILEX cases include:

Compliant to MIL-STD-4150 and MIL-STD-28800.

Fully recessed handles and closures.

Positive stacking provisions even for housings of different outer dimensions.

Calibration of shock mounts corresponding to equipment weight and/or environmental specifications.

Variety of Standard Sizes (DIN41494 / IEC297) 2 U to 24 U height (1 U = 44.45 mm or 1 3/4in).

19-in and half 19-in chassis.

Housing standard depths – 219, 350, 480, 610, 762 mm.

Custom sizes available and easily accommodated.

A wide range of accessories are available such as drawers and trays with or without telescopic slides, special covers providing extra space for pouches, cable coils, windows, louvres and connector trays, castors or dollys for mobility, special gaskets or skirt seal to provide weatherproofing, EMI protection with covers removed, standard and EMI conductive Skirt seals, a variety of latches and closure devices.

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