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Six new contact arrangements that feature two to six power contacts and 4 to 24 signal contacts

Off-the-shelf data/power contact combinations

Harwin has expanded the contact layout options of its Gecko-MT high-reliability (Hi-Rel) connectors. Announced at Electronica in Munich, the new variants have been added to complement the existing symmetrical two-power/eight-signal and four-power/eight-signal layouts.

There are six new contact arrangements that feature two to six power contacts and 4 to 24 signal contacts. These have a non-symmetrical structure, with the power contacts situated at one end and the data contacts at the other. The power contacts have a 10A current rating, and the signal contacts are rated for 2.8A (maximum).

A range of hardware fixings are available for each contact layout. Both male and female connectors can be supplied in either standard gender or reverse fix. There are front and rear panel mount options, plus board-mount fixings to reduce any strain placed on solder joints. In total, 72 extra Gecko-MT connector variants have been added.

As with all the Gecko connectors in Harwin’s HRi product offering, these latest variants have high resilience to shock and vibration, plus compact size and lightweight construction. They support a -65°C to +150°C operating temperature range, and 1,000 (minimum) mating cycle durability . Evaluation samples are available on request.

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