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The portable nitrogen series redefines nitrogen generation, delivering tailored nitrogen solutions for all tough environments

Portable nitrogen membrane generators

Atlas Copco has expanded its market stronghold with a range of portable nitrogen membrane generators: the NM series. 

Four different models are available to be ordered, with each unit delivering a different amount of nitrogen. The NM 500-25​ and NM 1000-25​ are designed for smaller-scale applications with a lower need for nitrogen, while the NM 2000-25​ and NM 3000-25​ meet the demands of larger, more intensive projects. 

The nitrogen membrane generators fulfil the exacting quality standards of industries like oil and gas, mining, and maritime, offering customisable nitrogen purity levels up to 99% depending on the customer’s needs and application. Designed with toughness and flexibility in mind, the portable NM series is built to withstand harsh conditions like extreme heat and dust. The units have an easy start-up and commissioning between sites, as well as an integrated feed air manifold for connecting diverse compressed air sources. The nitrogen membrane generators stand out for their remarkable ease of use, offering customers a user-friendly interface and streamlined functionality for efficient and hassle-free nitrogen production.

“By optimizing energy efficiency and enabling the generation of pure nitrogen air directly on-site with a nitrogen generator, we’re not only significantly reducing CO2 emissions within the supply chain, but also cutting down on transport expenses,” adds Jan Nijs, Product Marketing Manager Air Treatment, Atlas Copco Portable Air Division. “Moreover, thanks to top-notch engineering and superior technology, minimal energy is consumed during operation leading to a low cost of ownership.”

Each model is equipped with an optimised, integrated feed air filtration system and advanced membrane technology, guaranteeing a consistent supply of high-purity nitrogen; which also significantly reduces energy consumption – thus supporting secure and efficient day-to-day operations. By design, the series also works with other products in Atlas Copco’s portfolio, offering a smart, energy-efficient solution that not only reduces operational costs but also stands as a reliable investment for industries in need of pure nitrogen.

Key applications for these generators span various operations in the oil and gas industry, including under-balanced drilling (UBD), pipeline purging and pigging, coiled tubing operations, reservoir pressure maintenance, and fracturing, amongst others. It’s versatility also extends to mining applications – think extinguishing coal mine fires and inerting abandoned areas, and shipboard applications where the unit’s help to create inert atmospheres in vessels carrying crude oil, chemicals, LNG gas, and LPG gas. This wide range of applications highlights the generators’ adaptability across various industries.


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