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ifm’s DI1600 range

Space saving solution for monitoring speed

The new DI1600-series of speed monitors from ifm electronic offer a space-saving yet versatile solution for monitoring the speed of rotating shafts in a wide range of applications from conveyor systems to centrifuges. DI1600 monitors combine a pulse-generating inductive sensor with speed evaluation circuitry in the same compact M18 housing, which, thanks to its robust metal construction, requires no additional impact protection.

As well as standard versions that will suit most industrial applications, the new speed monitors are also available in ATEX versions approved for use in hazardous environments. Both the standard and ATEX versions can be supplied for flush mounting or non-flush mounting installation, with all types having an IP67 ingress protection rating.

All of the speed monitors in ifm’s innovative DI1600 range feature an IO-Link interface together with conventional pulse and switching outputs. Users can configure the switching outputs to provide single-point under- or over-speed indication, for two-point operation or for window-mode operation. The speed setting range is 3 to 24,000 impulses per minute, and the monitors incorporate a user-programmable start-up delay to prevent spurious operation while equipment is running up to speed.

Parameterisation can be performed via the IO-Link connection, which also provides access to speed values and allows current settings to be checked. Alternatively, the monitor can be configured locally using the integrated setting ring. Sensing ranges for the integrated inductive sensor are 12 mm and 8 mm, respectively, for non-flush and flush versions of the standard monitors, while for the ATEX versions, the corresponding ranges are 8 mm and 5 mm.

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