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Stacklight increases ambient light levels
Improves safety and productivity by providing more visible indication of status

Stacklight increases ambient light levels

Pfannenberg’s INTENSE BR50 Series Stacklight features an online configuration tool that make it easier to design a simple stacklight and provides a manufacturer’s suggested retail price (MSRP) and the resulting bill of materials.

The line of Stacklights results in significantly improved safety and productivity from increased levels of ambient light. Whether installed on cabinets, machinery frames, or junction boxes, INTENSE BR50 Stacklights adds to facility safety, productivity, and style. They are available in a variety of mounting options, including direct-to-base, tube-and-bracket, and tube-and-stand (plinth). The optional wall-mount bracket creates a clean look.

The exponentially brighter LEDs offer higher visibility and a slim design (ø54 mm). The INTENSE BR50 LED’s heightened luminosity is further amplified by the internal prisms’ impact-proof, heat-resistant, and dust-proof polycarbonate lens, which is easily identified from all sides.

INTENSE BR50 Stacklight’s easy-to-assemble component architecture supports up to five interchangeable modules. They are available in several custom configurations, with up to five colour segments independently actuated and a sound module that provides a distinctive audible warning for sensitive applications. Users can select from BR50 LEDs for continuous or blinking operation, as well as high-visibility flashing xenon tubes. The INTENSE BR50 Stacklights also offer easy integration into an AS-Interface bus system.

Pfannenberg’s new stacklight configurator takes the guesswork out of determining the specific part numbers for an application. With the pre-configured part number option, users can select a specific voltage and colour combination, and the stacklight comes pre-assembled in the box, offering plug and play signalling with one part number. The “build your own” option lets users create a custom design with a wide range of options for voltage, mounting style, color combination/sequence, IP rating, safety and network capability, and signalling modes.

“INTENSE BR50 Stacklights will have an immediate and practical impact on evolving customer challenges,” said Jacob Vernon, Pfannenberg’s Signalling Product Manager. “As ambient light levels rise on manufacturing floors around the globe, we have focused on developing new configurations of our alarm and signaling devices to better protect people and processes.”

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