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The re-opening of schools boosts UK job market

As the education system fully opened its doors for the first time in 2021, the latest job market data from the UK’s leading independent job board, CV-Library, shows the significant impact on the UK job market. 

For the week commencing 8th March 2021, job postings were up +17.5% when compared to the 2021 weekly average.    

This uplift was seen across the board; throughout the UK regions and amongst the individual job sectors. The most notable increases were as follows:   

UK regional job posting increases for the week commencing 8th March 2021 vs 2021 weekly average:  

  • Northern England +26.6%  
  • East Anglia +20.4%  
  • West Midlands +20.3%  
  • North East  +20.2%  
  • East Midlands +18.3%  
  • South West +17.0%  
  • South East 14.8%  

UK sector job posting increases for the week commencing 8th March 2021 Vs 2021 weekly average: 

  • Telecoms +47.5%  
  • Sales +44.4%  
  • Automotive/Aerospace +38.1%  
  • Education +36.8%  
  • Legal +31.5%  
  • Leisure and Tourism +27.3%  
  • Marketing +26.2%  
  • Engineering +23.1%  
  • Retail +22.8%  

Lee Biggins, founder and CEO of CV-Library comments: “There was never any question that the closure of schools would have a significant impact upon the job market, in terms of both its growth and employee productivity levels when having to home school children. Such an instant boost in job postings, across a breadth of regions and sectors, provides a welcome relief for the UK economy and bodes well for the coming weeks and months.”    

Biggins continues: “The next two stages of the roadmap are the key milestones for businesses and this, combined with the easing of pressure on working parents, will not only shift the UK job market out of its current limbo, but start to ease the caution that has prevailed for both employers and job seekers alike for the last year.”  

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