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The single-mode LTE Cat 1bis IoT module

Ultra-compact module for applications requiring medium data rates

u-blox has announced its LEXI-R10, an ultra-small LTE Cat 1bis IoT module in a 16 x 16mm form factor. The module adapts perfectly to size-demanding designs, making it ideal for use cases such as asset tracking and aftermarket telematics.  

Three times smaller than the u-blox LENA-R8 (256 vs. 810mm2), LEXI-R10 is the answer to the market need for an ultra-small LTE Cat 1bis module and is the perfect candidate for applications requiring Cat 1bis connectivity without 2G fallback or positioning features. It has been designed as a single-mode LTE-only module. Yet, LENA-R8 is still a reliable option for applications that need 2G fallback and positioning with the embedded u-blox M10 GNSS platform.

LTE Cat 1bis was initially introduced in 3GPP Rel 13 in 2016 but only recently garnered market attention in light of the planned or already executed sunset of 2G cellular technology in many regions. LTE Cat 1bis is globally available via LTE networks, yet more affordable than higher data rate LTE categories. 

The LEXI-R10 module is the smallest single-mode module providing indoor positioning and a US MNO-certified core. The module also offers Wi-Fi Radio to scan available Wi-Fi hotspots. This information can be used by positioning applications via a location-based service like the u-blox CellLocate Wi-Fi.

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