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Ultra-low forward voltage performance, typically 480mV minimises power losses

2A Schottky rectifiers

Diodes Incorporated announces its SDT2U30CP3 (30V/2A), SDT2U40CP3 (40V/2A), and SDT2U60CP3 (60V/2A) achieve the industry’s highest current densities in their class with low forward voltage drop and thermal resistance addressing design challenges for smaller and more efficient portable, mobile, and wearable devices. This series of innovative high-current trench Schottky rectifiers are housed in a chip-scale package (CSP) that occupies only 0.84mm² board space. They can be employed for a variety of different purposes, serving as blocking or reverse-polarity protection diodes, boost diodes, and switching diodes.

The trio are the first ever 2A trench Schottky rectifiers to be designed into the X3-DSN1406-2 package, making these the industry’s smallest in their class. Compared with similar SMB-packaged devices, they take up a mere 3.4% of the PCB area. These ultra-thin CSPs, featuring a typical profile of 0.25mm, also shorten thermal paths. This results in enhanced power dissipation, ultimately reducing thermal bill-of-materials costs and significantly increasing overall system reliability.

Their ultra-low forward voltage performance, typically 480mV (580mV for the SDT2U60CP3), minimises power losses, enabling the design of higher efficiency systems. They have superior avalanche capability compared to other products in the same range, ensuring robustness in extreme operating conditions, such as transient voltages, and providing an extra layer of reliability. Furthermore, these devices are totally lead-free and fully compliant with RoHS 3.0 standards, contributing to environmentally responsible designs.

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