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The 90ECF brushless DC flat slotted motor

Brushless DC flat slotted motor

Portescap announces the launch of the 90ECF brushless DC flat slotted motor, which is the newest – and largest – motor to join its flat motor portfolio. The 90ECF features a performance-optimised design that utilises an outer rotor configuration with an overall body length of 40mm, enabling it to deliver high power density and smooth output torque in a compact package. The standard version is available with hall sensors, while a sensorless option can be made available upon request.

The 90ECF provides maximum continuous torque up to 1Nm, making it an ideal choice for miniature applications searching for direct drive solutions. This not only facilitates the elimination of motor accessories like gearheads in certain cases, but also assists in reducing the motion system’s overall complexity, thereby providing a lower cost of ownership.

The 90ECF’s high torque capabilities and cost-optimised nature make it an ideal solution for a variety of medical and industrial applications. These include robotic applications like wheel drives, exoskeletons, and underwater UAVs; oxygen concentrators; and aerospace and defence applications such as drones and military robots.

Image 1: 90ECF brushless DC flat slotted motor

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