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Solenoid cartridge valve delivers more flow while consuming less power

Danfoss Power Solutions announces the launch of its SLP13 two-way two-position poppet-type solenoid valve, a low-power, low-pressure-drop solution for compact equipment. The SLP13 cartridge valve features patent-pending technology that significantly reduces power consumption while increasing flow rating, which can help original equipment manufacturers meet efficiency targets and reduce manifold size and cost.

Danfoss’ SLP13 valve reduces power consumption from 29 watts to less than 10 watts, which can help extend run time in battery-operated vehicles. By reducing power consumption, the stabilised temperature of the valve’s new coil has been reduced by nearly 50%, which helps prevent coil burnout and enables longer service life.

The SLP13 valve features a lower pressure drop than previous generation solenoid valves, which improves fuel efficiency and reduces emissions. The unique architecture of the valve allows approximately 1.8 times more flow in the same cavity compared to conventional products. It also provides an opportunity to replace larger valves with smaller ones, resulting in a more compact, lightweight, and lower-cost system.

“Machinery trends such as the increasing use of onboard electronic controls and the growth of compact and electrified equipment demand efficient, low-power valves and hydraulic integrated circuit solutions. Representing a significant advancement in flow rating and power consumption, our new SLP13 valve is well positioned to help OEMs capitalise on these trends,” said Abby Bauer, global product manager, Integrated Circuit Solutions, Danfoss Power Solutions.

Available in size 10 with a nominal flow rate of 79 litres per minute (21 gallons per minute) and pressure rating of up to 350bar (5,000psi), the SLP13 valve is ideal for a variety of material handling, construction, and agriculture machinery applications. 

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