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Connector withstands harsh environments

Harting Mini PushPull ix Industrial field-installable and overmoulded version

The easy-to-use, well-protected and compact PushPull connector series from Harting is expanding. The new Mini PushPull is a waterproof and dustproof version of the ix Industrial Ethernet interface, a perfect choice for fast and reliable data connectivity in demanding industrial environments and applications exposed to the elements.

Standardised according to IEC/PAS 61076-3-124, the ix Industrial mating face in the Mini PushPull stands for reliable transmission performance and optional power supply via PoE/PoE+. With a 30% shorter housing compared to the Harting PushPull RJ45, users benefit from a miniaturised data interface for demanding applications. PushPull has robustness in combination with simple and process-safe operation in waterproof and dustproof design to IP65/IP67.

Device connectivity with Harting Mini PushPull ix Industrial

Compact, robust jacks are available for device integration on the PCB, providing maximum stability with five THR shield contacts. The jacks are available in three different versions:

1. Horizontal jack

2. Angled vertical jack

3. Vertical jack

All jacks are optionally available in the A and B codings for Ethernet and signals. The data contacts are designed as SMD contacts. This allows device manufacturers to process the PCB jacks according to the normal reflow soldering process. 

The Harting Mini PushPull ix Industrial has a 30% shorter housing than the Harting PushPull RJ45

The Mini PushPull add-on housing, which fits all matching jacks, is mounted in front of a rectangular mounting cut-out during device integration and connects the PCB jacks, providing IP65/IP67 protection.

To aid integration into control cabinets and terminal boxes, the portfolio includes PushPull panel feedthroughs in A and B coding. These can be mounted quickly and easily in front of a rectangular mounting cut-out. They meet protection class IP65 / IP67 thanks to the integrated seal, whilst matching dust caps seal unused connectors and device interfaces securely.

Securely contacted plug connections are the prerequisite for stable network systems. To ensure correct connections under challenging conditions, PushPull connectors are straightforward and intuitive in their operation. Secure locking is signalled by an audible click, and the connection is released by simply pulling on the ergonomically optimised housing. To prevent unintentional disconnection, the removal of the connector can be blocked by way of a security ring. 

PushPull connectors are the ideal device connection technology for all industrial electronics devices executed to protection classes IP65 / IP67, from sensors to controls and industrial computers.

Caption: Harting Mini PushPull ix Industrial field-installable and overmoulded version 

Caption: Device connectivity with Harting Mini PushPull ix Industrial

Caption: The Harting Mini PushPull ix Industrialhas a 30% shorter housing than the Harting PushPull RJ45

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