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Control 2019: Inspekto and Cosmo EU announce partnership

Inspekto Autonomous Machine Vision systems

To offer the latest in quality management to its clients, Cosmo EU will showcase live the Autonomous Machine Vision INSPEKTO S70 system at Control 2019 in Stuttgart, Germany, from May 7th to 10th.

Cosmo EU is an international leading industrial testing company, with more than 40 years of experience in the sector. At Control, Cosmo EU will exhibit a wide range of their products. 

These include their DF-2820 laminar-flow sensor, flow testers such as the AR-R220, and leak testing devices such as the LS-R902, the LS-R700 and LS-R910.

With the INSPEKTO S70 Autonomous Machine Vision system, Cosmo EU is making a move into the quality inspection sector, providing its many customers with an inspection system that is 1000 times faster to install, at 1/10 the price than any traditional solution.

The two companies will be demonstrating an installation deployed at a world-leading German automotive manufacturing brand. 

The installation provides inline quality assurance for inner cylinder bores: Cosmo devices make sure that a cylinder bore is fully sealed, while the INSPEKTO S70 System establishes if the milling is accurate and if the various assembly parts are mounted correctly.

“The collaboration between Cosmo and Inspekto eliminates integration-related difficulties for the final customer,” explained Thomas Porysek, CEO of Cosmo EU.  “In fact, the two devices integrate seamlessly, meaning that they can provide our customer with a system that is ready to be used and offers the double advantage of efficient leak testing and Autonomous Machine Vision.”

“Control is the ideal venue to launch this exciting partnership,” added Harel Boren, CEO of Inspekto. “The collaboration between our two firms opens new paths for the industry, providing Cosmo’s clients with a unique quality assurance (QA) system that combines the precision of Cosmo’s leak detecting devices with the convenience of Total QA. This also brings additional impact to customer-lines productivity and profitability.”

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