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Flush mounting control and signalling units for smart manufacturing equipment

Colourful buttons, switches and pilot lights enhance ergonomics and add customised style to control panels

RS Components (RS) has added the Schneider Electric Harmony XB4F series of flush mounting pushbuttons, selector switches and pilot lights to its product portfolio. 

Designed for use in industrial automation and smart manufacturing applications, the Harmony XB4F series gives new machines and control panels an attractive, modern and ergonomic look and feel, and is also ideal for upgrading existing equipment without significant cost.

The Harmony XB4F series is part of Schneider Electric’s broader Harmony XB4 range of modular metal control and signalling units, which combine simplicity of installation, efficiency, flexibility and robustness. 

Characterised by a chromium-plated metal bezel, XB4 units feature an ingenious locking system consisting of a snap-fit head and body, secured with a single screw, and contacts designed to prevent vibration, helping to ensure easy yet secure mounting and wiring.

The Harmony XB4F series retains all the qualities of the original XB4 range, and also features 30mm-diameter bezels mounted flush with the panel for a more elegant, contemporary appearance at no additional cost. 

The XB4F series includes:

  • Spring-return pushbutton units, unmarked or with functional markings, including options with a projecting button or integrated LED illumination
  • Selector switches with standard or long handle and LED illumination options
  • Key switches with spring return or stay-put options
  • LED pilot lights

RS offers a wide range of device specifications, plus a pallet of vibrant button, switch and LED colours to enhance panel design and ergonomics, define a customised style, and enhance the perceived quality of target machines and panels.

All Schneider Electric Harmony XB4F control and signalling units are IP66, IP66K, IP67 and IP69 rated to ensure reliable operation. 

The full series is shipping now from RS in EMEA and Asia Pacific.

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