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Increase fibre laser cutting productivity

Bystronic has introduced two new fibre laser cutting machines in its ByStar Fiber range, capable of cutting sheet up to 8 metres x 2.5 metres

To increase fibre laser cutting productivity and the diversity of applications that can be undertaken, Swiss sheet metalworking machine producer Bystronic has extended its high-end CNC laser cutting system, ByStar Fiber, to include two new extra-large formats. 

Models 6225 and 8025 are able to accommodate sheet up to 6.2 metres x 2.5 metres and 8 metres x 2.5 metres on their respective tables.

Users can select a laser source rated at from 3kW to 10kW to suit their productivity requirements and the types and thicknesses of material to be processed.

Large metal sheets allow bigger parts or a more diverse range of smaller parts to be cut without interrupting the cutting cycle. They also enable more efficient nesting and reduce pro rata the amount of metal left in the skeleton at the end of the program. 

BySoft 7 software supports users with smart nesting procedures that enable optimal cutting plans to be created for large formats.

As an alternative to positioning one extra-large sheet on the ByStar Fiber’s cutting table, it is possible process several smaller sheets in a single operation by placing them side by side. This enables increased machine utilisation compared with using smaller models by allowing the laser cutting system to operate for longer in an uninterrupted cutting cycle, reducing non-productive times.

As standard, all ByStar Fiber machines including the smaller 3015 and 4020 models are equipped with the latest generation Bystronic cutting head. Additional options such as a second operating terminal with touch screen ensure an optimal overview during operation.

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