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Pressure sensor for hydraulic applications

Parker Hannifin has introduced the SCP09 pressure sensor, a versatile and reliable solution for hydraulic applications.

The SCP09 sensor is designed to provide accurate and precise pressure measurement in a wide range of conditions, making it suitable for both mobile machinery and industrial hydraulic applications. Hermetically sealed with no internal seal, it is highly reliable and resistant to contamination, ensuring accurate measurements in harsh environments.

The sensor has a pressure range from 10 to 600bar and can serve numerous applications. Its small form factor allows for easy installation in tight spaces, enabling more compact designs. It offers many options, including a variety of threads and connectors, so it is easy to integrate into existing systems and production processes. The SCP09 is also highly compatible with different fluids and gases, allowing for universal use and easy handling. Its high media compatibility ensures less downtime and a long service life. The sensor is designed for long-term stability and low drift, and it has a pin configuration adapted for OEM, with common electrical interfaces and process connections

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