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Pressure sensor is really flush! 

With a truly flush sensing face with no dead space to allow the build-up of contaminants means that pressure sensors in the new PL15xx range from ifm electronic perform reliably even with viscous media such as adhesives and sealants. In addition, as these innovative sensors feature a ceramic measuring cell, they are also suitable for use with abrasive media that incorporate entrained solids.

Developed primarily for use in high pressure systems, PL15xx sensors are extremely resistant to damage caused by transient pressure peaks. They also incorporate a unique sealing system that prevents fluid media, even at high pressure, from entering the threaded area of the process connection. This not only eliminates the possibility of leakage, but also prevents cross-contamination in systems that are used with more than one type of medium.

With a G½ process connection, ifm’s new PL15xx pressure sensors are available in eight versions with measuring ranges from 0 to 2.5 bar up to 0 to 160 bar. Accuracy, determined according to DIN IEC EN 62828-1, is ± 0.5% or better, while long-term stability is ± 0.1% or better. The sensors are suitable for use with media over a wide temperature range of -25 to +110 ºC.

PL15xx sensors provide either a conventional two-wire analogue output or a digital IO-Link output. When IO-Link is used, the sensors provide both pressure and temperature data which, in many applications, can save money be eliminating the need for a separate temperature sensor. A cumulative total of operating hours can also be accessed via the IO-Link connection.

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