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Ultra-compact PSD servo drives now available with Ethernet IP as well as EtherCAT and Profinet

Parker’s PSD family of servo drives is now available with EtherCAT, Profinet and Ethernet IP communications capability
Parker Hannifin has enhanced its PSD standalone and multi-axis servo drive offering with the option of a new communications interface.

The complete drive family is now available with EtherNet IP communications as well as EtherCAT and Profinet and can be used in conjunction with a wide range of controllers and PLCs.

The adoption of industrial Ethernet networks is growing steadily amongst manufacturers, and industrial equipment is increasingly connected, driven by trends such as the industrial Internet of Things and Industry 4.0.

With the addition of EtherNet IP for its PSD servo drives, Parker now addresses the three most popular industrial Ethernet networks currently used in the industry.

All communication variants use the same hardware, which allows customers to easily configure the bus used. This lowers the complexity of components, especially where different controllers are used for different markets.

Designed as the company’s next generation motion control product line, the PSD range is targeted at markets that include food and packaging, material forming, textiles, paper, converting and plastics machinery.

The Parker PSD multi-axis servo driver range has an ultra-compact design and has been developed to be compatible with the needs of all geographic areas.

The family is available with a choice of power ratings and form factors. At present this comprises: the PSD-S, a standalone version which can be connected directly to the mains supply, and the PSD-M, a multi-axis system where each power module can supply up to three servo motors.



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