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Customised displays options for ‘COVID-aware’ user interface designs

Anglia is offering customised displays that can be tailored to individual domains or applications

As part of the Anglia Inception custom and bespoke component design service, Anglia Components announces an enhanced range of customised display options, These give designers the flexibility to create their own components when off-the-shelf solutions cannot meet requirements, for example in creating new COVID-aware touchless user interfaces.

Commenting on the enhanced service, David Pearson, Technical Director of Anglia, said, “We are seeing a dramatic increase in the use of displays for both consumer and industrial electronics and due to the current COVID-19 situation, we’re predicting further major change in how displays are integrated into designs. Touch screens, which were previously a preferred user interface technology, are now seen as a potential infection vector. Instruments need to be redesigned with a touchless interface such as voice or gesture control or using 2-way communication from a control device which may be a cell phone, a tablet or dedicated unit allocated to the user.”

Anglia’s enhanced display customisation services helps customers change how displays are integrated into designs in the light of the current situation

Pearson continued, “At Anglia, we’ve been working increasingly on medical and other designs following the government’s call to action, and we’ve seen how user interface design needs to change in this field. Whereas teams of operators until now have been happy working close to each other and sharing touchscreens when setting up and using machinery in the future that will become much more of an issue. For instance, medical instruments need to be designed to be operated at a distance from the patient wherever possible.”

Anglia has many display options available, from custom symbols to special text fonts among other features. These customised displays can be tailored to individual domains or applications, allowing them to meet the demands of specific industries such as high-performance control panels that can be embedded into equipment and machines.

All manufacturers have been fully audited using Anglia’s rigorous selection processes, ensuring a quality customised display delivered by trusted suppliers.

Customisation options include addition of custom icons, characters or fonts, wide temperature range options, addition of capacitive or resistive touch panels, optical bonded glass, negative mode operation and special viewing angles.

Anglia can enhance display functionality with a range of built in driver IC and connector options for data, touch screen and backlight. 

A range of display types are available including colour and mono TFT, graphic, character, VATN, OLED, AMOLED and Electronic Paper.  

Designers can equip their customised displays with LED backlights in white or other colours.

The custom displays offered through Anglia Inception are suitable for a wide range of applications including wearables, medical, industrial or consumer devices. 

The latest Anglia Inception brochure gives an overview of its custom product capability. In addition to displays it covers keypads, custom battery packs, custom transformers and custom heatsinks amongst many others. 

The Inception service is delivered in the context of Anglia’s management systems, which are certified to world-class standards including ISO 9001, AS9120, ISO 14001 and ADS SC21.

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