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Disengageable twin flow truck pump offers fuel savings and reduced life cycle costs

The new F4 hydraulic pump

The Pump & Motor Division Europe of Parker Hannifin has announced the launch of its new disengageable twin flow truck pump, the F4 series.

The new F4 hydraulic pump merges technology from the successful F2 twin flow pump and F3 axial piston fixed pump series, resulting in a simple and flexible solution for any vehicle requiring separate flows of differing capacities. This will have multiple applications in vehicles such as salt spreaders, hook loaders, forestry cranes, sewage trucks, snow ploughs and many others.

The patented clutch function lets the user engage and disengage the pump from the diesel engine on the move, without turning the engine off, by pressing a switch on the dashboard. This enables substantial fuel savings and a significant reduction in CO2 emissions.

If, for example, a truck (with a hook loader and a detachable snow plough) that utilises the new F4 series pump runs for 260 hours in its first month using power take-off (PTO) for just 56 of those hours, around 1.2kW per hour less power is required when the pump is disconnected. This equates to about 50 litres less fuel needed in that month alone, and in a year, the possible savings could exceed 600 litres (especially where the snow plough is in use only for a few of those months). The CO2 emissions are therefore also reduced by around 1.8 tonnes.

In addition, the clutch feature reduces wear and tear on the pump and minimises the risk of costly downtime and standstills, while also reducing the noise emission levels.

“The ability to disengage a twin flow pump is a huge money saver in terms of fuel savings and less wear on the pump. In the situation of a hydraulic hose failure, users also would be able drive to the workshop instead of the truck being towed, resulting in less downtime,” stated Anders Larsson, Product Leader at Pump & Motor Division Europe. 

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