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Engineers reveal the key wins that get them through the working day

Do you like going to work every day? 

Well, according to new research from CV-Library, the UK independent job board, the majority (64.3%) of engineers enjoy their job, with 58.3% feeling happy on a daily basis. 

The research, which surveyed over 2,000 UK professionals, also reveals that there are a number of key factors that contribute to engineers’ enjoyment at work. These include:

  • Completing a task with no faults – 68.7%  
  • Having your skills tested on a difficult task – 36.1%    
  • Feeling like you’re helping people – 31.3%    
  • Praise from your manager –28.9%    
  • Given the lead role on a new project – 19.3%    
  • Leaving at the end of the day – 18.1%    
  • A compliment from a colleague – 18.1%    
  • Getting to work on time – 13.3%    
  • Taking maximum breaks and leaving on time – 7.2%    
  • Having little/no work to do – 1.2%    

What’s more, despite the majority of engineers feeling happy on a day-to-day basis and enjoying the work they do, 12% state that their job doesn’t bring them any joy.

Lee Biggins, founder and CEO of CV-Library, comments: “We spend most of our life at work, so if you don’t enjoy what you do or who you work with, you’ll never truly maximise your potential or be happy in yourself. By understanding what drives you; whether that’s helping others or managing a team, you’ll gain more clarity on what to focus on at work.

“That said, if you really aren’t enjoying your work, then maybe it’s time for a change. There are plenty of job opportunities in engineering right now, so don’t feel forced to stay at a company that clearly isn’t making you happy. Spread your wings and have a look at what’s out there in the industry, you may find a change of scenery is all you need to bring some joy back to your working life!”

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