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How a collaboration platform can keep the coronovirus threat from killing your business

Everyone knows the solution is working remotely - but how do you make that happen?

GForge announces that it is helping businesses adapt to the coronavirus threat by making it easier than ever before to use a collaboration platform to empower remote workers.

For organisations new to using collaboration platforms or new to GForge, the company is offering GForge in both SaaS or on-premises formats for free for up to 12 months. GForge can be installed on-premise in one minute, or you can get started instantly using our SaaS platform HERE.

Both options provide the following:

  • Messaging system to help facilitate online meetings
  • Ways to plan, distribute and track teamwork
  • Document sharing and knowledge management
  • Team collaboration tools like integrated chat, notifications, and email support

To support the teams who are suddenly transitioning to remote work, GForge is also offering the following services free of charge:

  • Identify the best hosting options for your organisation
  • The company will configure GForge to conform to the processes of your organisation
  • One free online training session for users
  • One free online training session for administrators
  • Weekly reviews to ensure your teams are getting the most out of GForge

“There are a wide range of options to enable teams to remotely work together – you can email back and forth, you can do online Skype or Zoom meetings, you can use Slack or Microsoft Teams,” says Tony Bibbs, President of GForge. “GForge provides all the advantages of those programs and much more. The GForge platform is sophisticated, yet it is easy to learn and to use. You don’t have to be a technical genius. If you know how to use a computer, you can use GForge!”

GForge is used globally by large and small organisations. It supports multiple languages, time zones and working hours. GForge projects start with simple defaults, but are almost infinitely customisable, so you aren’t locked into one vendor’s worldview.

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