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Media separated valves

Industrial automation specialist Festo has introduced the VYKA range of media separated solenoid valves offering high precision control of virtually any fluid or gas. 

Just 7mm in width and with an orifice size of 1.2mm, the VYKA range has a class leading pressure-to-orifice size ratio and offers a compact solution to a wide variety of dosing and continuous flow applications.

Suitable for use as dosing valves for contactless dispensing or as control valves for continuous flow applications, the VYKA range owes its excellent chemical resistance to the fact it is constructed from inert materials. 

VYKA media separated solenoid valves from Festo (pictured here with the VAVE connection box) offer a high precision, compact solution to a wide variety of dosing and continuous flow applications

Separating diaphragms made of high-performance FKM and FFKM polymers mean that the valves can be used safely with very aggressive media, providing protection whilst simultaneously preventing corrosion. This makes them an excellent choice for electronics and semiconductor manufacturing, including wafer production and deposition, as well as printing applications.

Pharmaceuticals, medtech and food manufacturing will also benefit from the control accuracy and compact size of VYKA valves. Uniquely, the valves’ wetted materials are FDA listed and their low internal volume makes them very easy to clean: a real boon in reducing valuable media losses, or for sensitive and hygienic environments. 

Typical applications include liquids handling in laboratory automation, in-vitro diagnostics and high-precision filling applications with sensitive and aggressive media (such as perfumes and aromatics, or packaging contact lenses).

Pressures of up to 4 bar and a flow rate of up to 350ml/min are not a problem for VYKA solenoid valves. They utilise current control, which significantly improves the reproducibility of the switching behaviour critical to delivering highly accurate results. 

When a VYKA valve is used in conjunction with compatible Festo connectors and controllers, a holding current reduction from 0.3W down to 0.06W can be achieved, reducing heat build-up and preventing thermal transfer to sensitive media passing through the valve.

The VYKA range is extremely flexible thanks to its 3/2, 2/2 (NC/NO) variants. Festo also offers a powerful range of accessories, greatly extending the performance and capabilities of the VYKA range. These include a variety of electrical connection options through the VAVE electrical connection box with integrated holding current reduction. 

The VAEM valve control module for up to eight valves enables even higher dispensing precision by accurately controlling pulse durations down to 2ms repeatability. 

The range is completed with NLFA liquid compatible fittings, VAVN dosing nozzles and the VABS PEEK material connection module – so that machine builders and OEMs can source everything they require to meet demanding end-user specifications.

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