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Modular racks and spur gears

Suitable for assembly equipment, production workstations, instrumentation, inspection systems

The new ZCR and ZCL modular gear racks and spur gears provide an easy to install package of quiet, lightweight, lubrication free and soft feel rack and pinion gear drives for adjustment of equipment or positioning of workpieces.

Typically they are suitable for assembly equipment, production workstations, instrumentation, inspection systems or other situations where quick linear movement is required.

The evolution in engineering plastics and technopolymers has led to the availability of spur gears in plastic material featuring high mechanical strengths. This provides all the advantages of plastic, such as resistance to corrosion and chemical agents, also high resistance to torsion and good tensile strength, significant noise reduction and a low friction coefficient.

All of which allows the use of gears even in sectors where lubrication is not recommended or even prohibited.

Modular lengths of toothed track fit together in 1m to 4m lengths (or
special lengths on request) to provide comfortable operation – compared to metal equivalents, giving a soft feel since the glass reinforced technopolymer provides a natural cushioning effect which reduces harshness and backlash.

Elesa transmission elements can be coupled to both technopolymer and metal gears. This is an excellent solution for all those applications where it is necessary to obtain a faster dissipation of the heat accumulated during the operation.

For heavy duty applications racks are available with steel core, spur gears are provided with plain pass-through mounting holes or undrilled hubs.

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