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Providing critical work-in-progress design data

Cadence Design Systems announces the Cadence Allegro Pulse, the PCB industry’s first solution to enable extended team collaboration by providing near-real-time insights into the complexities of the electronic design process.

Allegro Pulse connects management, engineering, procurement and other business stakeholders to up-to-date work-in-progress design data in a single, unified web-based platform, enabling design teams to identify critical issues sooner, better evaluate readiness and predict and mitigate risk.

As a result, companies can significantly reduce end-product cost, shorten design cycles, enable IP reuse and avoid costly fixes later in the design cycle.

Faster time-to-market demands have placed tremendous pressure upon today’s electronic design process.

Multiple business stakeholders require up-to-date insights into work in progress to ensure the success of customer projects, yet gathering and analysing these insights about a design project can be a very tedious manual process.

Traditional approaches often deliver insights too late in the design cycle, when companies are forced to make an undesirable tradeoff between schedule and lower costs.

If the extended team could manage the parts list earlier in the design cycle, companies could achieve significant savings by reducing end-product cost.

Allegro Pulse addresses these challenges, enabling customers to gather near-real-time metrics automatically and directly from the design database.

Multiple stakeholders ranging from executives optimiszing the business to engineers creating the innovation now have true engineering decision support.

Allegro Pulse provides executives and business owners self-service dashboards that offer visibility into technical domains, a capability previously only afforded by CRM and ERP business intelligence solutions.

Prebuilt, custom analytics allow real-time understanding of supply-chain spend, product schedule risks and resource allocation.

Customisable views enable at-a-glance interpretation, putting the most important metrics at executives’ fingertips.

Decision makers and innovators across the organisation now have detailed visibility into more than 50 standard out-of-the-box project metrics, as well as custom metrics.

With its web-based collaboration and analytics environment, Allegro Pulse enables customers to optimise parts lists across multiple designs, whether they are in the same end product, or across multiple projects or products in a business unit.

Users can verify, monitor and compare parts assigned to projects with strategic parts lists and bills of materials, and pre-assign parts to projects using the tool’s strategic parts list functionality.

As a result, the extended team is aware of selected parts early in the design cycle, which significantly reduces end product costs for multiple products.

In addition, Allegro Pulse allows customers to collect all documents, discussions, issues and other project-related IP in a single, searchable reusable IP store, potentially saving 70% of the time previously spent using traditional methods such as daily or weekly status reports, online meetings and design reviews.

“Through a single, unified browser, Allegro Pulse provides extended team members from different business functions with access to accurate, up-to-date data on all projects in progress,” said David Heafey, director, engineering applications at Mercury Systems. “With Allegro Pulse, we can retire our manual process for data collection and report generation while reducing end-product cost and improving the likelihood of first-pass success.”

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