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Ultra-low-power wireless MCUs

The RS14100 series offers the industry’s lowest power consumption for battery-operated IoT devices

With Redpine Signals’ RS14100 WiSeMCU family, Rutronik distributes the first Wireless Secure MCUs featuring a comprehensive multi-protocol wireless sub-system.

Additionally, the SoCs and modules feature voice activity detection (VAD) and up to eight inputs for capacitive touch sensors. 

The RS14100 series offers the industry’s lowest power consumption for battery-operated IoT devices. It is available from Rutronik UK.

The wireless SoCs and modules can operate multiple protocols at the same time, including 802.11a/b/g/n (2.4GHz and 5GHz), dual-mode Bluetooth 5 und 802.15.4 for Thread and Zigbee.

The on-chip application manager is based on an Arm-Cortex-M4 with an efficient performance of up to 180MHz and up to 4MB flash memory. 

Several power modes are available to control the power consumption of the operating system as needed. 

The ultra-low-power SoCs and modules enable the lowest Wi-Fi standby associated power of up to 50uA, the Arm-Cortex-M4 can provide as low as 15 uA/MHz operation. 

The integrated Bluetooth 5 has lower power than even stand-alone Bluetooth 5 devices.

The RS14100 SoCs and modules are based on a secure-zone architecture and use multiple levels of security, including PUF (Physically Unclonable Function), Crypto HW accelerators, Secure Boothloader and secure firmware upgrade, XIP and peripherals. 

That’s how they provide sufficient security for applications such as mobile point-of-sale terminals, smart locks, medical devices or secure voice-based ordering.

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