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Heat transfer: fluid operates at a lower temperature, ensuring thermal stability

Regular sampling ensures that heat transfer fluids used in industrial applications, such as Globaltherm J, are always working at optimum efficiency

Thermal fluid specialist, Global Heat Transfer, has released Globaltherm J, a thermal fluid specifically designed to work efficiently in a wide range of industrial processes.

Globaltherm J is an energy efficient, low temperature thermal fluid that is suitable for a range of processes. Its high-performance qualities mean that it works efficiently in both liquid phase and vapour phase.

The fluid is suited to industrial manufacturing applications as it operates at a lower temperature, ensuring thermal stability.

This prevents the system from accidentally overheating. Its operating temperatures also ensure that this fluid works efficiently in processes that demand low-temperature pumpability.

This product is the latest release from the Globaltherm range. The thermal fluids offer a variety of temperatures for different processes while Global Heat Transfer helps manufacturers choose the best fluid for their application.

Global Heat Transfer works closely with customers to specify the correct fluid for each application.

To optimise production and promote proactive maintenance, Global Heat Transfer provides a thermal fluid maintenance plan, Thermocare.

This service ranges from sampling and monitoring to engineering support and understanding DSEAR and ATEX regulatory compliance, helping customers work safely and efficiently with thermal fluids.

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