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Clean-in-place actuator provides continuous control for long-life use

The Tolomatic RSH actuator

Tolomatic has released a rod-style actuator that provides continuous control capabilities for clean in place (CIP) applications. The new RSH actuator is manufactured from 316 stainless steel and is fully sealed, providing long-life use for hygienic applications including food and beverage, pharmaceutical, and medical processes. Distributed in the UK by INMOCO, the RSH has open motor compatibility for flexible machine integration.

The Tolomatic RSH is available in three sizes and the range provides a stroke length maximum up to 1,219mm depending on actuator size and screw type. The RSH is capable of a maximum thrust of 35,330N, and is designed to actuate pressing, pumping, cutting and slicing applications for food and beverage processing. RSH actuators provide continuous control up to a maximum speed of 498mm/sec and is available with an option of roller screws for improved lifetime and accuracy of control, and ball screws for a more economical machine build. The actuator can also accommodate inline, parallel motor mounting.

The RSH is designed to integrate with an external motor and Tolomatic ensures compatibility with the Your Motor Here service. The machine designer can provide their motor specification, and Tolomatic will ships its actuators ready for fast, compatible installation and configuration. INMOCO, Tolomatic’s UK partner, can advise and supply a range of stainless steel motors and gearboxes, while other third-party manufacturer devices can also be integrated.

CIP characteristics are ensured by the polished 316 stainless steel finish with welded seams, providing a smooth surface that prevents build-up of contaminants and enhances resistance to corrosion. The actuator’s design, rated to IP69K, also prevents the need for protective shielding, helping to reduce machine cost and simplify design.

A front face sealing O-ring prevents ingress of contaminants, enhanced by a dual-seal system. The dual seals, housed within a quick-change cartridge, can be replaced in the field without the need for special tools, enabling fast maintenance. Choice of seals includes a UHMWPE variant for use with chemicals required for the most abrasive CIP processes, including ammonium chloride and hydrogen peroxide. The integrated hygienic breather/purge port can also be used to further prevent contaminants from entering the actuator.

In addition to the durable design and sealing system, the RSH actuator also includes screw re-lubrication system via an easy-to-access grease port. The grease port provides convenient lubrication without disassembly and helps extend screw life.

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