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Discover industrial digitalisation

Industrial automation expert Novotek UK and Ireland will be bringing its digital roadshow to Northampton, Dublin and Manchester this year. The events will help leaders of power businesses to understand the role of digital technologies and the possibilities that these new systems offer

​Industrial automation and digital transformation expert Novotek UK and Ireland is teaming up with GE Digital to deliver three industrial digitalisation discovery days for industrial, utilities and infrastructure business leaders in the UK.

The first of the free-to-attend events will take place on June 11th at Franklin’s Gardens in Northampton, England, followed by the second date on June 13th at the Aviva Stadium in Dublin, Ireland, and then September 25th at the Museum of Science and Industry in Manchester.

Building on the success of events held in Rugby and Dublin in 2018, Novotek UK and Ireland’s digital roadshow will focus on educating business leaders in the complex area of digital transformation and technology.

The events will cover how changing technology is enhancing the level of granular insight and control that businesses can have over their processes, practices and assets.

Novotek will also emphasise how these modern technologies are redefining what businesses should think of as assets.

“Terms like industrial digitalisation, digital transformation and Industry 4.0 have been all the rage for the past few years, and there’s no doubt most business leaders are aware of them. But do these leaders have a clear view of what the technology behind these buzzwords offers their business?” asks Sean Robinson, service leader at Novotek UK and Ireland.

The answer, posits Robinson, is usually no. Modern digital technologies encompass everything from information technology (IT) infrastructure supporting back office processes to operational technology (OT) systems underpinning production and field processes. 

As these technologies develop and converge, Novotek argues that it’s becoming increasingly important that senior business leaders understand the competitive edge the technology can provide.

“The trouble with the modern digital technology landscape for businesses is that it’s not a matter of speeding up a single process or upgrading a siloed system. It’s about making connections between people, processes and assets, and it requires a organisational shift to avoid internal barriers,” continued Robinson.

“We found from our digital roadshow events last year that business leaders greatly benefited from the workshops, as it allowed them to not only understand the technology and the possibilities, but also see how these systems support wider business functions such as supply chain management and asset investment strategies. These don’t have to be entirely new deployments – we show how new tools and technologies integrate alongside existing systems.

“This year, the workshops will consist of separate tracks for manufacturers and asset-orientated businesses like utilities providers, ensuring attendees get the most relevant insight from the day. Digitalisation will affect and transform all nature of business, so it’s important that we can support leaders from all sectors and industries on this journey.”

Novotek UK and Ireland has consulted and provided effective industrial automation equipment to businesses of all sizes across the UK and Ireland extensively in recent years. The company is the sole UK provider of GE Digital products for industrial automation and control.

Business leaders interested in attending the free digital roadshow dates can register for tickets via Eventbrite by clicking HERE for the Northampton event, HERE, for Dublin and HERE for Manchester.

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