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Revealed: The engineering jobs commanding some of the highest salaries right now

With salaries across the UK jumping up by 4.1% last month, the latest data from CV-Library, the UK’ independent job board, reveals that the engineering industry is offering some of the highest pay packets right now.

In fact, after analysing over 175,000 jobs posted on its site in April 2019, the job board reveals that the IT, construction and engineering sectors currently offer the biggest salary packages. 

Average pay in engineering currently sits at £36,709 per annum, with certain roles commanding even higher salaries: 

* Chemical Engineer – £65,325.71

* Engineering Manager – £49,957.14

* Mechanical Engineer – £42,696.06

* Structural Engineer – £39,583.93

* Design Engineer – £39,487.81

* Electrical Engineer – £39,411.47

* Engineering Technician – £38,698.00

* Plant Engineer – £37,853.08

* Maintenance Engineer – £37,279.80

* Industrial Engineer – £36,430.72

Lee Biggins, founder and CEO of CV-Library comments: “As key skills across the engineering sector become more in demand, it’s clear that organisations are pushing up pay in a bid to entice people out of their current roles and this a trend we’re noticing across the board.”

What’s more, the job board found that pay in the industry had jumped up by 1.5% year-on-year, suggesting that employers are pulling out all the stops to try and overcome ongoing skills shortages.

Biggins continues: “The engineering sector is heavily reliant on highly skilled individuals to help drive organisations forward and ensure they can push through the most innovative of projects. We know that there is particular demand within this industry, putting the power in the employees’ hands to search and apply for new roles, with higher pay.”

Full list of top industries for pay right now:

* IT – £45,908

* Construction – £44,720

* Engineering – £36,709

* Finance – £35,166

* Property – £34,621

* Automotive – £34,489

* Marketing – £33,214

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