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Faster development and deployment for motor-control based solutions

RS announces availability of ebm-papst drive controller kit

RS Components has announced the launch of the K4 Drive System Development Kit (K4DSDK) from ebm-papst, manufacturers of high-efficiency fan and motor drive products. 

Targeting use by design engineers, application specialists and developers, the compact K4 system offers faster development and deployment for motor-control based solutions.

RS is the first distributor to stock this product and has been working closely with ebm-papst to demonstrate the potential of the K4 drive motors via its DesignSpark engineering community. 

A host of supporting content is now available on the DesignSpark website showing the ease of use and the flexibility of the K4 drive system in a range of typical application examples.

The new system offers a highly flexible solution that delivers the ability to program and upload different control functionality even with a motor in situ. 

In addition, a simple development controller helps interact with the K4 motor and the Drive Studio software, which comes with the kit and provides clear visualisation of the control strategy during the development stage.

The ebm-papst K4 Drive System Development Kit is shipping now from RS in the EMEA and Asia Pacific regions.

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