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igus adds iglidur H1 material to its knife edge roller range

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Motion plastics specialist igus has added the iglidur H1 material to its knife edge roller range for conveyor applications for higher travel speeds, thus expanding its range to include a total of four materials.

Plastic knife edge rollers are used wherever smooth, lubricant-free transfer of transported goods onto downstream conveyors is desired.

Because of their compact design and relatively tight radii, they are commonly found in food production machines, bottling lines and packaging systems as well as in point-of-sale units in supermarkets.

The iglidur H1 rollers are characterised above all by a better performance at faster conveying speeds and have a very long service life, even at higher temperatures.

In addition, the chemically resistant material is particularly well-suited in applications where the rollers are exposed to aggressive cleaning agents.

The knife edge rollers are available in a selection of different lengths and diameters.

In addition to iglidur H1, knife edge rollers are made of three other field-proven igus engineering plastic materials: iglidur P210, which is extremely resistant to wear and characterised by low humidity consumption; FDA compliant iglidur A180 for low to medium loads is suitable for high humidity applications that come into direct contact with foodstuff and suitable for temperature up to 90°C; and iglidur A350, which is blue in colour for obvious visibility within food manufacturing, for medium to high loads and temperatures up to 180°C.

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