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Making plasma surface treatment portable

Intertronics now supplies the Relyon Plasmatool

To give manufacturers access to high powered, portable plasma treatment, adhesives specialist Intertronics has introduced the Relyon Plasmatool.

Suitable for a range of processes, substrates and geometries, the portable surface treatment system will help manufacturers in applications where the substrate is difficult to treat because of size or location.  

The Relyon Plasmatool is a handheld, portable surface treatment device for improving adhesion and wetting on difficult to bond composites, metals or plastics. Its portable trolley design allows engineers to use the equipment anywhere in and out of the workplace to improve surface treatment on larger products or hard to reach areas. It enables surface modification on products such as automobiles, caravans, boats and architectural features, either in factory or in the field.

The Relyon Plasmatool can be used during pre-activation for bonding or sealing, coating or laminating as well as during cleaning to remove contaminants from materials. 

The stand-alone portable unit does not compromise on power or effectiveness, whilst designed for single person handling and fitted with two-handed operation for advanced safety.

“The automotive, medical device and electronics industries have used plasma as a surface treatment for years and there are many tools already on the market,” explained Peter Swanson, Managing Director of Intertronics. “However, the process has tended to be used within production cells and can be tricky with larger parts. With the Relyon Plasmatool, assemblers can move the trolley to any location and treat any size part.

“Plasma treatment may be a suitable approach for projects where the appearance of the material is important,” continued Swanson. “Unlike other surface treatment processes, such as etching, plasma treatment can adapt the properties of a material without impacting its appearance.”

Intertronics distributes a range of tools for plasma surface treatment, such as the powerful Plasmabrush PB3 and the handheld Piezobrush PZ2. 

The Plasmatool brings power and portability together, offering a high-powered machine that engineers can easily manoeuvre to wherever it is needed.

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