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Vibration resistant pin-in-hole connectors

Harwin has announced another new addition to its Datamate family of 2mm-pitch high-reliability (Hi-Rel) connectors. The Datamate pin-in-hole reflow (PIHR) products have been engineered to give designers a reliable solution that is highly suited to automated assembly. Part of the company’s Datamate L-Tek series, these connectors feature a locking latch. Compared to the standard Datamate connectors, they have 2mm long terminations instead of 3mm.

Both 2 contact and 3 contact versions of Harwin’s Datamate PIHR connectors are available. The locking latch mechanism used in these components provides rapid mating connection and a high resistance to vibrations without taking up valuable board space.

Datamate PIHR connectors are ideally suited for attaching encoders and sensors to machine tools and robotic systems, where accuracy to determine position and movement is critically important. They also give reliable connections for IIoT modules being installed in environments where exposure to vibration is high.

Supplied in a tape-and-reel format, these connectors avoid any manual handling before soldering, and can be mounted using automated pick-and-place machinery. Pin-in-hole reflow – also known as Pin-in-Paste (PIP) – terminations bring the mechanical retention expected from through-hole technology (THT) with the production process advantages and cost-effectiveness of surface mount technology (SMT).

“Modern encoders must deliver high levels of precision, while being able to deal with demanding industrial conditions such as heavy vibrations and high temperatures,” states Ryan Smart, Head of Product Management at Harwin. “Equipment manufacturers need to increase the level of automated assembly, to improve throughput and reduce errors. Datamate PIHR gives them the reliability needed, plus the convenience of being compatible with pick-and-place and reflow processes.”

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