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Wire rope for vibration damping

Elesa announces a wire rope series to its otherwise rubber-based vibration damper family of mounts and buffers, used for isolation of equipment where vibration is a major issue. 

The new AVC series incorporates AISI 316 stainless steel wound into helical loops where the spring damping function is derived from innate elastic and friction properties of the rope construction. This allows a high range of deformation suitable for use in mounting of gensets, robotic mounts, stabilising platforms, eg for cameras and liquids. 

Other applications include mounting of electrical cabinets, HVAC, transport platforms, marine equipment, power systems, pumps, desalination, rail, naval, military, marine oil and research platform equipment.

The AVC series may be mounted in horizontal or vertical orientation and as they are manufactured in stainless steel they can be used in a wide range of temperatures and environments. Their high range of deformation in comparison to other materials is coupled with the level of resistance to age and atmospheric conditions we would expect from stainless steel. They are excellent for shock attenuation as they operate with low natural frequencies to give a fast damping effect which is resistant to fatigue and are maintenance-free.

Wire rope mounts/isolators in the AVC series offer a very cost effective, long term solution in load capacities from 50N to 3000N without the need for regular maintenance or replacement.

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