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Cooled cameras for process automation

The FLIR A6301 is the smallest commercial-cooled camera platform ever built by FLIR

The FLIR A6301 is a highly sensitive, cooled midwave thermal imaging camera designed for 24/7 inspection and automation applications aimed at making production lines more efficient and improving product quality.

The A6301 offers a new level of thermal imaging capabilities to process control and quality assurance applications in the manufacturing industry. Capturing high-speed product movement with up to 20 times less motion blur, the A6301’s integration times significantly reduces image blur, ensuring precise temperature readings even on the go. It detects small thermal variations and accurately measure temperatures on moving products, providing machine builders and integrators with the cutting-edge tool they need to tackle challenging machine vision applications –boosting throughput, cutting disruptions, and minimising downtime with sharper measurements.

Camera interfaces, commands, and connectors are all purpose-built to industry standards. Simple, standard GEV and GenICam industry protocols make implementation easy, and the long-life cooler reduces concerns about costly annual maintenance. 

The FLIR A6301 is the smallest commercial-cooled camera platform ever built by FLIR, so size and weight will not get in the way of system integration. When integrated with additional sensors within a broader automation system, advanced machine learning, and deep learning methods, the FLIR A6301 can help provide for a smarter, more efficient process.

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