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Standard components – when colour is a value

When colour is a value factor in an engineer’s equipment design brief, then Elesa can now meet that demand.

Its ELECOLORS range offers a perfect aesthetic compatibility between the components and the machines on which they are installed, enhancing the perception of their value and quality.

Furthermore, colour allows a better differentiation of different machine functions, contributing to the benefit of the safety.

Among its more than 40,000 product codes available in stock, Elesa offers an extensive selection of standard components in the ELECOLORS chromatic range: orange, grey, yellow, blue, red and black. This includes their high-end handwheels, tubular handles, thumb screws, lobe knobs and clamping levers.

Thanks to Elesa‘s commitment to offer the highest quality standards and aesthetics, colours are controlled with colorimetric spectrodensitometers to ensure maximum colour consistency and repeatability, both during production and over the entire lifecycle of the components.

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