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Engineering is one of the highest paying industries for graduate jobs

Have you recently finished university and are looking for your first graduate role in engineering?

Well, according to the latest data from CV-Library, the UK independent job board, the engineering industry offers the second-highest average salary for graduate roles.

The findings, which analysed thousands of live job vacancies on the CV-Library site, found that you could earn over £24,000 if you secure yourself a graduate role in engineering; far higher than many other sectors.

The top 10 industries for graduate pay include:

  • IT – £25,518.56  
  • Engineering – £24,785.71    
  • Property – £24,382.35    
  • Consultancy – £24,250.00    
  • Sales – £23,117.19    
  • Marketing – £22,145.26    
  • Finance – £21,916.67    
  • Customer Service – £21,583.33    
  • Recruitment – £20,341.46    

Lee Biggins, founder and CEO of CV-Library, comments: “It’s no surprise that the most skilled and technical industries like engineering command the highest salaries, especially for new graduates. In truth, these positions, like a chemical engineer, are hotly contested, with a bunch of university leavers flocking to them, so it’s essential that you do your best to stand out!”

Of the graduate jobs listed on CV-Library, the engineering industry commands the fourth largest number of listings, with a 7.9% share. The top five industries with the highest share of graduate jobs on CV-Library include:

  • Sales – 24.2% share of grad jobs  
  • Recruitment – 15.5%    
  • IT – 12.5%    
  • Engineering – 7.9%    
  • Marketing – 7.1%    

Biggins continues: “While the engineering sector has a smaller proportion of graduate jobs, don’t let this put you off. There are plenty of exciting opportunities for you to make the most of, as long as you spend time on your applications and perfecting your interview technique. 

“What’s more, if you’re considering relocating, we recently published a report that lists out the best locations for graduates to live and work in,so this is a good reference point. Do your research and don’t apply for the sake of it; polish your CV and cover letter to give yourself the best chance of progressing to an interview and ultimately landing the job!”

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