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Fluid absorption plug

Essentra Components announce high-tech Fluid Absorption Plug

The Essentra Components’ Fluid Absorption Plug is a solution to control the excess residue of fluid in an assembly such as an engine, a gearbox or other oil filled mechanism which has had this oil drained for transport, maintenance or other installation process. 

The absorption plug’s sturdy plastic peak allows for quick and easy installation and removal, saving time and costs. 

Simply push in — the foam expands to a firm interference fit — then just pull out when required.

Safer, easier and cleaner than a conventional plug, the absorption plug provides a temporary seal which prevents damage when a permanent seal is not desirable, so ensuring that leaks during manufacturing or transit are contained and do not cause damage to packaging or delicate surfaces.

This innovation provides a universal solution to a long-standing problem faced by engine and gearbox manufacturers — that of oil residue left in engines. 

Leftover residue during transit — following initial parts testing — can disrupt performance and lead to the contamination of other essential machinery, resulting in damage and additional costs for manufacturers.

This novel fluid absorption component has been designed, developed and manufactured in house by the company’s specialists at Essentra Components’ centre in Kidlington, UK.

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