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Dew point meter for compressed air systems

Teledyne FLIR announces the Extech RH600 Dew Point Meter for accurate and fast dew point temperature measurement primarily positioned to prevent problems associated with water vapour in compressed air systems.

As part of a predictive maintenance programme in manufacturing environments, the Extech RH600 provides measurement down to -50°C (-58°F) with an accuracy of ±2 °C (±3.6°F) over the entire range pressure, up to 20 bar. The Extech RH600 is for monitoring dew point across long periods of time, including for monitoring switch behavior within the drying process and better optimising energy consumption.

Dew point meter for compressed air systems
Accurately measure and log dew point data to improve manufacturing quality and performance

“For inspectors who require the convenience and freedom to inspect multiple positions within a compressed air system, the Extech RH600 provides the ideal form factor at a competitive price to capture accurate readings and then data log that information as part of an integrated predictive maintenance program,” said Rob Milner, director of business development, Teledyne FLIR. “The Extech RH600 is also optimal for low-humidity measurement with high accuracy, but should the sensor get wet, it can withstand the condensation and fully recover for future use.” 

The included RH601 dew point probe provides accuracy and long-term stability. Users can directly insert the probe sensor into the compressed air system through a G half-inch thread, ensuring reliable readings with increased peace of mind, knowing the probe will dry quickly after moisture contact. The highly sensitive probe provides inspectors the ability to measure relative humidity at less than 5% and with high accuracy (±0.025%).

Data logging for predictive maintenance 

Users can easily monitor the dew point on the built-in colour graphical display with a menu-based user interface. They can program high/low set points for temperature as well as relatively humidity and dew point with visual and audible alarms. The device also enables logging and transferring up to 32,000 datasets to a PC in CVS format via a USB cable connection. The easy data transfer provides inspectors all key datapoints to create inspection reports for colleagues and clients, as well as to integrate the data into broader predictive maintenance initiatives that consolidate and analyse data across multiple inspection types and equipment. 

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