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Energy chains for compact installation spaces

igus has now added two new sizes to its twisterband HD range with inner heights of 11mm and 18mm. 

The key advantage over slip ring systems is that it guides electrical, fibre optic and pneumatic cables all together. Target applications include rotary tables and robots.

twisterband HD energy chains are already being used successfully in woodworking machines as well as in workpiece positioners in the automotive industry. They enable rotary movements of up to 7,000 degrees in horizontal installations and 3,000 degrees when mounted vertically, even at speeds of up to 180˚per second.

twisterband HD

Instead of integral hinges, the twisterband HD has a strong pin and hook connection between each of its links. This results in a defined bending radius and simultaneously ensures greater strength. For a longer service life, it is made of maintenance-free tribo-polymers.

Its modular structure allows it to be lengthened or shortened as required. The links are easy to open and quick to fill – power, data and media, such as air and fluid, are guided securely in one system, which is not possible when using a traditional slip ring.

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