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HMI for extreme environments

With an extended operating temperature range of -20°C to +65°C, and protection ratings to IP67F/IP66F, the GOT2507T-WTSD 7-in operator terminal from Mitsubishi Electric meets the needs of harsh and demanding applications. 

No additional protective measures are required for washdown with high pressure water or use in power equipment that is typically located outdoors. 

As a result, it is a perfect fit for industries such as power, food and beverage and machine building.

While standard HMIs typically feature an operating temperature range from 0-55°C, the expanded temperature range of the GOT2507T-WTSD means it can be used in harsher environments without the need for heaters in the lowest temperatures or fans and coolers in the highest.

This can significantly reduce operating expenses for the likes of food and beverage manufacturers and in power industry applications, as well as offering more flexibility for deployment where extreme temperatures are encountered.

Where use in direct sunlight is required, the GOT2507T-WTSD offers enhanced resistance to UV rays, while on-screen clarity even under strong sunlight has been enhanced through the use of a high brightness LCD panel and a special coating to eliminate glare. 

Furthermore, since the structure of the front panel has been reinforced with a metal housing, the rugged model can be used in environments that are subject to shock or vibration.

Along with the increased strength and durability, users benefit from all the features and functions of the existing GOT2000 models. 

These include multiple communication interfaces, comprising of two Ethernet ports, wireless LAN interface, USB, RS232 and RS422/485.

In addition to this, audible warning functionality reinforces the information displayed on the screen and Mitsubishi Electric’s GOT Mobile provides real-time machine visualisation using remote devices such as tablets, smartphones and PCs.

All these functions help improve productivity and reduce the total cost of ownership for machinery.

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