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Oil sampling kits to manage asset lubrication

New RS PRO kits provide convenience, quality and fast turnaround for maintenance technicians to manage asset lubrication with pre-paid sample analysis via certified labs

RS Components (RS) has announced the availability of RS PRO oil-analysis kits for customers to send oil samples to RS labs for testing and to get fast feedback on oil conditions.

Targeting maintenance and health and safety professionals, as well as stores managers, use of these kits can enable the extension of asset life through managed lubrication, as regular oil analysis is an excellent indicator of potential issues developing within a mechanical system. 

While a single detailed analysis of an oil sample can be a valuable preventative maintenance tool, it becomes increasingly valuable as part of an ongoing programme. A continuing series of tests can indicate trends in terms of wear, contamination, and lubricant chemistry and therefore can provide real insight into potential problems before they escalate into a more serious issue. 

Essentially, this could significantly reduce system or machinery downtime and allow more effective planning of maintenance. Moving to ‘on-condition oil analysis, where oil is only replaced when it is showing degradation or contamination, can help reduce the cost of lubricants as well as time on preventative maintenance.

The offer from RS includes the ability for customers to take oil samples and send them to the in-house laboratory. The kit provides customers with a convenient and easy-to-use method to collect in-service oil samples and return them to the RS laboratory, which will include full, quality-assured analysis by a team of ICML-certified oil lab chemists.

A fast turnaround is guaranteed at a competitive price, with results available for customers within three working days of receipt at the RS lab. Testing will include visual inspection; elemental analysis; water content; ferrous debris; and particle count.

Target industry sectors for the kits include food and beverage processing, utilities, manufacturing and processing industries, transportation such as marine and rail, heavy industry, along with power generation and mining.

The RS PRO oil sampling kits are available now via the RS website in boxes of 10 units.

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